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Thanks for joining me on my official website! I will shortly be putting together some performance dates for my third studio album Welcome To The Ball (to be released under independent label Mask Carnival) with information on the album launch event to follow soon.  In the meantime, please hang around and check out some of the features on this site including videos, songs, photos and other stuff. For special offers and promotions as well as access to unreleased material and other projects please remember to subscribe by signing up to the mailing list below.

Welcome to the Ball: Album Release 

My third studio album Welcome to the Ball is now available through this site as well as independent record label Mask Carnival.  You can hear (and download) all the songs on the music page of this site (please also check out some videos). Check out the reviews on the testimonials page.

The album features as one of the top 100 albums of 2015 in NBT Music Radio's annual review alongside both established and independent artists. 

Song Review for unreleased track "Reach" 

Reach: Song Review David Sinclair, music critic for the Times, reviewing an unreleased track called Reach from forthcoming album Welcome To The Ball, describes it as "dark, dramatic and atmospheric. "I close my eyes and I'm floating in the clouds, I'm drifting in the sea," he sings as the music swirls around him in growing waves of electro-orchestral sound, and a sense of agitated desperation gradually engulfs him. "Angry voices close in on me so I start to run, run, run... The pain it comes, comes, comes." They could use this as the soundtrack for one of those Scandinavian TV murder-thrillers. With its deep sense of mystery and foreboding, this is music with real character...."

Post script: The official 2015 album track also features in the top tracks of 2015 as chosen by NBT Music, December 2015

Dance of the Furies; David Ell's instrumental album 

Dance of the Furies was named in NBT Music Radio's Top 100 Albums of the Year by any artist alongside features from established artists, Sigur Ros, Bloc Party, Bat for Lashes, Richard Hawley.  A track entitled Destiny Waits While The Twilight Fires Fade was also named as one of the top 100 singles of the year. Both the album and single tracks are available for download on I-Tunes and elsewhere on the site. Check out the following facebook links for the full review listings.

Review 1 Review 2


Video - We Carved Our Names Into The Wood, a.k.a. Scars  

Video - We Carved Our Names
Into The Wood, a.k.a. Scars
Please take the time to check out a video of an acoustic track based on a live studio recording.  This is an unreleased track from forthcoming third album Welcome To The Ball. The song itself is a bit of a rites of passage piece about childhood friends whose lives take slightly different paths before meeting again later in life. Catharsis ensues...The album track lyrics will be posted shortly if you want to get more under the skin of it! Instrumentation for this comprised a couple of acoustic guitar parts, a counter piano melody, kick drum, shaker/percussion and of course vocals. The album version is a slightly heavier arrangement.
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