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Bleed - Music Video 

For a little while now, I have been sitting on some unreleased material for the current album Welcome to the Ball......

I had all sorts of intentions but then I started working on a new album project (about which much more in a later post) .

In reality, I have been working on the new material, recording and writing sessions for the last year or so. However I reached a natural hiatus.  With all the recording and arranging recently completed, it gave me the opportunity to go back to some things I had diverted myself from.  And in so doing the more I delved into it, the more I listened back, the more I began to find some connections between the material on my current album and some of the new songs. So bizarrely it feels completely natural to come back to this.

Here is the video for the song Bleed, the third track on the album Welcome to the Ball. It's a full on post rock song touching on themes of disconnection and isolation - in many ways it feels very much a song for the age we live in. It's quite a full on sound. And there was only one way to go with the visual in my mind.


I am currently working up a set of live songs from both the forthcoming album and the current album - with any luck this will be one of them.