The Story So Far...

David Ell announced himself with his debut album Wreckingball, a record full of dark, brooding and powerful pop songs....This was his first studio album, which he recorded and mixed at Cava Studios in Glasgow, an album reviewed as "epic", having a "big big sound", "lush and full" . "For raw heart-on-the-sleeve pop, look no further" (Is This Music 2008). While the tracks on his debut feature work equally well as pared down acoustic versions, there is no doubt the finished sound of this album is a big big band sound richly crafted with layer upon layer of guitar and keyboard parts driving the strong melodies at the heart of this album. It's an eclectic sound, mixing the best traditions of classic British and American pop-rock.

David Ell followed up with his second long player released 2012 and entitled Dance of the Furies. This represented an arresting change of direction from the indie alternative electronica rock sound of his debut feature. An entirely instrumental album with a distinctive theme and classical influences coming to the fore, it featured in NBT Music Radio's 100 top albums of 2012 alongside artists such as Sigur Ros, Richard Hawley and Bats for Lashes whilst one of the tracks Destiny Waits While The Twilight Fires Fade featured as one of the top 100 tracks of the year. David Ell's third studio album Welcome To The Ball is now available - released under record label Mask Carnival in 2016 - and can be downloaded through I-Tunes, Bandcamp, Mask Carnival, this website and various other outlets.

Welcome to the Ball review highlights: 

"music of real character" (David Sinclair, The Times)

"Welcome to the Ball is a cool confident catchy pop confection....reminiscent of early 90s Brit-pop like Blur’s best. Songs are immaculate in their delivery...."
Flatline: "Downright beautiful the piece has a dreamy, dramatic feel to it..."(Skope)

"a big screen cinematic emotional explosion of an album" 
"packed to the gills with musical ideas"

"David Ell has a clear musical vision in mind, and can push the catharsis to a frenzied explosion" 

"Atmospheric, poetic, gentle Goth tinged post-punk meets a kind of vaudevillian sensibility, a steely music hall vibe for end times"  (The Even Ground)
As an artist, David Ell has headlined at many venues around the country.
David is currently working on his fourth studio album. Still at the mixing stage, the album is set for release in 2019 and information on release and tour dates will be posted soon.