Mask Carnival -  music label for release of Welcome to the Ball. Mask Carnival are also a music and video production company. To visit their site click on the link below:

Record label and production company for Welcome to the Ball album release

Offbeat Music Studios - I have worked with producer Iain McKinna at Offbeat on Dance of the Furies and recent release Welcome to the Ball. Iain helped finalise the mixes and mastering both for this and my earlier album Dance of the Furies - two very different projects. So much experience, a great ear and know-how and terrific to work with. I have no doubt I will work with Iain again. To visit the site click on the link below.

Offbeat Music Studios

Funktioncreep - I worked with Andy from Funktioncreep on a visual backdrop for a new track for use in live events involving motion graphics (to be posted on this site soon). For award winning visual production, click on the undernoted link. 


NBT Music Radio - If you are anything like me, you might want to listen to something other than a lot of the repetitive bilge pop drivel that gets forced upon us at every turn by mainstream music media. I'm a big fan of independent radio and certainly NBT have always offered an eclectic mix of stuff, both mainstream and independent. Check it out by clicking on the link below.

NBT Music Radio


Somhairle - I worked with Somhairle to create the artwork for my latest album Welcome to the Ball. Somhairle is a talented artist and captured/ran with the concept and brought a lot of ideas and creativity to the project. He came up with a really captivating front cover for the album and went with the whole mask theme.


Max Saidi - delighted to have had Max play some drum sections on two or three of the tracks on the latest album. I came to Max because I felt I needed something more dynamic on some sections and he certainly delivers with the minimum of fuss and with a great sensitivity to the tracks. He is a top pro and a pleasure to work with. Click on link below for his music business website. Highly recommended.

Max Saidi - session drummer

Recent video productions:

Feed Me To The Wolves

I worked with Ana, Matty, Dean and Caroline on on a Mask Carnival video production for one of the tracks on the latest album called Feed Me To The Wolves.  An early version of the video can be found on my bandcamp page - link below alongside links to the performers. 

Ana Chirica - actor/model/director

Caroline Stewart - MUA

Matty McCarron - actor

Feed Me To The Wolves - music video

The Haunting

I filmed a music video for an unreleased track "The Haunting" in Prague recently with local actors Karolina, Svetlana and Katerina.  An early version of the video can be found on my facebook page.

The Haunting - music video for unreleased track

Current live work:

I am currently working up dates for a 2019 album release with the following musicians:

Dave Major (drums)

Sam Bradley (bass)

Andy Thompson (guitars)

Amie Butchard (vocals, percussion)

More to post on this soon....