Song Review for unreleased track "Reach"

Reach: Song Review David Sinclair, music critic for the Times, reviewing an unreleased track called Reach from forthcoming album Welcome To The Ball, describes it as "dark, dramatic and atmospheric. "I close my eyes and I'm floating in the clouds, I'm drifting in the sea," he sings as the music swirls around him in growing waves of electro-orchestral sound, and a sense of agitated desperation gradually engulfs him. "Angry voices close in on me so I start to run, run, run... The pain it comes, comes, comes." They could use this as the soundtrack for one of those Scandinavian TV murder-thrillers. With its deep sense of mystery and foreboding, this is music with real character...."

Post script: The official 2015 album track also features in the top tracks of 2015 as chosen by NBT Music, December 2015

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